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SF Shambala Meditation — Primordial Ridgen

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New to Meditation or Shambhala?
Join us for a free drop-in program. Learn to meditate, connect with community, develop mindful-awareness, and compassion. And, meditation instruction is always available. We’re located at 1231 Stevenson Street in SF.

•   Sunday Morning Sit
•   Lunchtime Meditation
•   Young Meditators Night


Nyinthun—A Full Day of Meditation Practice

Saturday, December 14th
From 10 AM to 6:30 PM

Join the SF Shambhala community for a full day of meditation practice—both sitting and walking. By gathering in this way, we take time to deepen our practice and our understanding of the teachings, and strengthen our connections to one another.

We will observe silence for the day, and conclude with a half hour of discussion.

Tea and snacks will be provided during the day. Please bring a bag lunch.  If you are free that evening, we can all go out for dinner together at a nearby restaurant.

Students of all practice levels are welcome.

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Meditation in Everyday Life

Meditation in Everyday Life: A Five-Week Course

Five Tuesday Evenings
January 14th through February 11th
From 7 to 9 PM

With simple instructions and support, mindfulness meditation practice can become part of your life, bringing greater stability, strength, and clarity.

While meditation has many benefits, establishing a consistent personal practice can be extremely challenging for both new and experienced meditators alike.

This five-week Mindfulness Meditation program is designed to help meditators develop a regular practice and bring the benefits of mindfulness meditation to their daily lives. As we begin to practice on a regular basis, we learn to relax and simply be with whatever is going on in our lives. Over time, this meditation helps us to cultivate courage, humor, and stability in the face of daily complexities of jobs, relationships, and all aspects of daily life.

Give yourself the gift of meditation and infuse your life and the lives of those around you with compassion, caring, and kindness.

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We are a Welcoming Community



Please note that our Tuesday Lunchtime Meditation is temporarily cancelled while we are looking for a new host. If you wish to volunteer, please contact us at: director [at] sfshambhala [dot] org.