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Join us for a free drop-in program. Learn to meditate, connect with community, develop mindful-awareness, and compassion. And, meditation instruction is always available. We’re located at 1231 Stevenson Street in SF.

•   Sunday Morning Sit
•   Tuesday & Thursday Lunchtime Meditation
•   Young Meditators Night


Please note that our Tuesday Lunchtime Meditation is temporarily cancelled while we are looking for a new host. If you wish to volunteer, please contact us at:


The Mandala of Elements: Opening to the Wisdom of the Five Buddha Families

with Kathryn Rile

Six Wednesday Evenings, October 16th through November 20th
From 7 to 9 PM

The Five Buddha Families are a remarkable tool for understanding and working with your own emotional energies and that of the people you interact with in your life.

The five buddha families provide the means to work with ourselves and our world. They bridge the gap between mystical experience and everyday life.… (These teachings are) unique, magical, outrageous, mind-blowing and extremely simple at the same time.  
—Chogyam Trungpa, Rinpoche

In this class you will gain a foundational understanding of the Five Buddha Families and how they relate to your very individual experience of your mind.

The class will include guided meditation, experiential processes for connecting with our emotions, movement exercises, and deep exploration into the topic through talks and discussion. You will be introduced to one Buddha family each week and asked to do related readings and work with the energies between classes.

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