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The San Francisco Shambhala Meditation Center is home to a wonderfully diverse community who share a genuine connection to contemplative practice and the aspiration to realize a more wakeful, sane society. Friends and members of the Shambhala Center are welcome to attend celebrations, practice events, meetings and gatherings of special interest groups.


Community Events

Special Dharma Talks: A Taste of Troubled Times: Reflecting on Goodness and Light

with Pearl Ubungen

March 1st—March 29th

With Ms. pearl ubuñgen leading, we will explore affinities between the fierce writings of Edward Said, James Baldwin, Toni Morrison, Trinh T. Minh-ha, Mumia Abu Jamal and Angela Davis, among others, and the profound teachings of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche Continue »

Discovering Our True Wealth

with Charity Martin

March 6th—April 24th

A Eight Week Somatic Group to Cultivate our Capacity for Embodiment and Self Connection. Through the felt sense of our bodies, we can be open and sympathetic to our experience, as it is. Continue »

Contentment in Everyday Life: A Five-Week Course

with Seth Bregman & Kathryn Rile

March 21st—April 25th

In Contentment in Everyday Life, meditation experience is deepened through the cultivation of contentment and simplicity. Continue »

Oakland Shambhala Fundraiser and Anniversary Gathering (at Temescal Arts Center)

with Acharya Alan Schwartz & Kelsey Blackwell

April 22nd

A Time for Unraveling: Touching the Layers of a Divided Society We live in a time of much division. From overwhelming societal injustice to our own personal struggles to secure happiness, we position ourselves in “tribes" determined by political part Continue »