Creating Enlightened Society

244_SMR-Gesar_Festival_08Helen_Vink_AlexCCfxEnlightened Society isn’t that everyone immediately becomes enlightened. It’s about illuminating the innate qualities of human goodness in our everyday life.
~Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche

Shambhala vision is rooted in the principle that every human being has a fundamental nature of basic goodness. This nature can be developed in daily life so that it radiates out to family, friends, community and society.

According to the Shambhala tradition we are living through an age of greed and aggression. We harm ourselves, each other and our planet. The Shambhala teachings offer an antidote to this crisis. It tells us that we can experience a natural source of radiance and brilliance in the world, which is the innate wakefulness of human beings.

All teaching and practices that we offer San Francisco Shambhala support our goal of creating enlightened society. However, specific programs directly address this process. These include: