Sunday Morning Meditation (online only)

Our first and second Sunday morning meditation host Sunday Morning Meditation online (Zoom link). These are free open to the public and welcomes beginners and people who have an established sitting meditation practice. Please join us!

Whether your motivation is to simply relax or to explore this profound path, sitting meditation cultivates sanity and fundamental well-being. We practice and teach mindfulness-awareness (shamatha) meditation as it has been passed from teacher to student for 2,500 years.

Meditation instruction
Meditation instruction
is given at 10:00 AM promptly. Please arrive 5 minutes early. Instruction will be followed by a period that is a combination of sitting and walking meditation practice.

Each first and second Sunday, following the morning sit, we have discussion facilitated by a senior student. You are also welcome to join for the talk only. 

10:00 AM  Meditation Instruction
10:15 AM Meditation with Opening Chants
11:30 AM Talk/Discussion
12:15 PM Conclusion

For questions and further information, please send an email to practice [at]