Children's Day

Inviting the Magic of Play — Children’s Day

Why Children’s Day is not just for children by Leslie Gossett Every year, I get so excited about Children’s Day. I love planning the celebration, taking the Emperor and Empress dolls out, inviting the delight and magic of play into the Shrine Room in a very intentional way. Also every year, when I ask fellow … Continue 

Transcript of Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche’s 2015 Harvest of Peace Address

2015 Harvest of Peace Address THE KONGMA SAKYONG, JAMPAL TRINLEY DRADÜL: Greetings and good morning to everyone. I’m addressing you today from Berlin. It has been an amazing summer of travelling and teaching for me. Many of you have been to some of the programs that I was teaching. It feels like an appropriate time … Continue 

Practice For Charity Martin

On Wednesday, June 11th, the San Francisco Sangha invites the entire Shambhala community to practice for our beloved friend, teacher, and community member, Charity Martin. Charity will be undergoing surgery Wednesday morning, and she has requested that we all practice, especially tonglen, on her behalf. The San Francisco Center will hold practice from 9 AM … Continue 

Generosity For Charity Martin

A Message From Charity’s Sister, Hope Martin. Dear Friends and Family, Most of you know (but many of you don’t) that my dear twin sister Charity was diagnosed with lung cancer. It’s been quite a journey since the three-and-a-half centimeter mass was found in her right lung on April 3rd. We now know it’s a … Continue 

Conference Meets Heart

COLUMN: Youth and Family Teaching Mindfulness and Compassion to Youth article by Leslie Gossett, Column Editor photos by Mark Anderson We recently hosted a conference in Northern California at which the presenters said it was unlike any other conference they’d been to. It was like… conference meets heart. With about 70 people in the shrine … Continue 

Rites of Passage Camping Trip at Vajrapani Institute

All good things are wild and free. —Henry David Thoreau The first time I read those words of Thoreau, I knew something about them was fundamentally true for me. The times in my life when I’d felt happiest, were the times of freedom. The times of being myself with no one asking me to be … Continue 

“First, I Will Love Me for Me More”

Reflections on the Being Brave Children’s Program photos and report by Leslie Gossett Last weekend’s Being Brave and Creating Enlightened Society event with Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche and Ani Pema Chodron was an event that represented Shambhala’s broader vision and goal to create enlightened society. The quest asked the following questions: Is enlightened society possible? What … Continue 

Your Mind in a Jar

This is your mind in a jar. That’s right. It’s red, gold, orange, pink, blue, green, even black. Sparkly, whirling, spinning, messy. We ring the gong and wait. And now it is still and clear. When we bring our attention to our minds, what do we notice? And when we spend a few moments in … Continue 

Children’s Day

by Leslie Gossett photos by Jessica Warshaver I think I was more excited than the children. Arriving at the center early in order to string lights and literally deck the halls with boughs, I was eager to see what the place would look like after sunset, lit with little lights, what the King and Queen would … Continue 

Ki Ki So So and Mazel Tov!

Ali and Arik Pelkey celebrate the birth of their second child, Lucas Shai Pelkey. Lucas was born on January 1, 2014. The Pelkey’s first child, Ryder, turns two years old on April 22.