Fully Funded Summer Dathün for Educators

If you are an educator for K-12th graders or enrolled in a master’s degree program in education, you may be eligible for a fully funded summer dathün at Karmê Chöling (Vermont) or Shambhala Mountain Center (Colorado). A dathün is a month-long sitting meditation retreat that is offered at Shambhala land centers. Locally, we sometimes offer weekthüns, … Continue 

Children’s Day

by Leslie Gossett photos by Jessica Warshaver I think I was more excited than the children. Arriving at the center early in order to string lights and literally deck the halls with boughs, I was eager to see what the place would look like after sunset, lit with little lights, what the King and Queen would … Continue 

The Hard Beauty of the Path

 By Susan Piver When it comes to the spiritual path, it seems there are two schools of thought. (Well, three. The first school says there is no such thing as a spiritual path.) The next school says that there is a particular path for you. Find it. Stay with it. Work it. The final school … Continue 

Sitting a Weekthun

by Leslie Gossett, Oakland, CA I’ve started writing this three different times already. Each time, I write “The first thing that struck me was…” and what comes next keeps changing. So I don’t actually remember the order in which things struck me. But when I recall the week between Christmas and New Year’s, sitting the … Continue 

Ki Ki So So and Mazel Tov!

Ali and Arik Pelkey celebrate the birth of their second child, Lucas Shai Pelkey. Lucas was born on January 1, 2014. The Pelkey’s first child, Ryder, turns two years old on April 22.

The San Francisco Shambhala Center Director Search

Background The San Francisco Shambhala Center is the local aspect of “Sharchen Dzong”, a regional capital center located in the heart of San Francisco and serving the greater Northern California Shambhala community. The Center is currently in the process of developing into a fully fledged cultural center, offering a myriad of programs, events and offerings … Continue 

No Shortage of Light

COLUMN: Youth and Family Celebrating Children’s Day by Leslie Gossett and Richard Vogler, Northern California photos by Leslie Gossett “People of Shambhala, this is a wonderful day. We have rediscovered the indestructible goodness of life. Let us celebrate this goodness now, on this very day. Even if the days are short, we can have enormous … Continue 

Closed For Thanksgiving Holiday

The San Francisco Shambhala Center will be closed for the Thanksgiving Holiday, so there will be no lunchtime meditation or Young Meditator’s Night on Thursday, November 28th. All classes have been scheduled around this date as well. Please join us for Sunday Morning Sit and Family Mediation on December 1st. Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

Sit-A-Thon — Some Wonderful News!

I have something to share with you… You see, we just had our most successful fundraiser ever–by a long shot. Last Saturday, November 9th, a group of us gathered in the Meditation Hall for Sitting For Society, and we have to date raised over 85% of our $50K goal, or $42,392. We are blown away … Continue 

Accountability | By Acharya Fleet Maull

Certified Public Accountants (CPA’s) are all about accountability, right? Well,  here I use CPA as something different. In this model, the C stands for Caused it (or created it). Looking into ourselves, and looking deeper into our story, we are able to see if there is someway we caused it, created it or at least … Continue