Sitting for Society: A Sit-A-Thon for SF Shambhala

Please consider participating: sign up to sit, sponsor a sitter by contributing to one of the many sitter profiles already created, or sponsor the Sit-A-Thon event as a major patron or business owner. As a sitter, all you have to do is go to the website and create your own personal profile page, complete with photos and a personal statement. To enlist … Continue 

Lessons from the Best Painting Class Ever

By Daniel Rekshan Lessons from the best painting class ever, Creating Your Inner Mandala with Kalsang Dawa at the Berkeley Shambhala Center. The four day workshop was filled with grinding paints, preparation of canvas, composition, and painting. We learned the traditional methods of preparation and expressed our own creativity by painting our own personal mandala. Kalsang Dawa, Tibetan … Continue 

The Six Objectives for 2014

The following are six major objectives for the SF Shambhala Center for 2014.  They are all based on directives from the Sakyong and further developed by the SF Shambhala Governing Council. 1. Personal Transformation Personal transformation in Shambhala is the individual courage, kindness and wisdom developed through the path of meditation as expressed in the … Continue 

Sakyong’s 2013 Harvest of Peace Address

Video of the Sakyong’s Harvest of Peace address. To read the address, please scroll down, and enjoy. Food Conversation and Mediation by Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche Greetings, everyone. A very warm and cheerful Harvest of Peace day! Today, I am addressing you from London, in the United Kingdom, where we have just concluded the Awake in … Continue 

Harvest of Peace

This past Saturday we held our annual Harvest of Peace Celebration at the SF Shambhala Center. Harvest of Peace is one of Shambhala’s “nyida” days which celebrate the four major events of the lunar calendar: Autumnal and Vernal Equinox, Winter and Summer Solstice.  “Nyida” means Sun and Moon, emphasizing the importance of connecting to the … Continue 

Down the Rabbit Hole with Alice

or How Flower Arranging Taught Me To Paint the Landscape   Alice Tarkeshi is the ikebana master at San Francisco Shambhala Center and she has been the greatest teacher of landscape painting to me. But she did not use brush and paint to teach, rather she used flowers in space. Meeting I met Alice Tarkeshi almost … Continue 

Talking Spirituality: Shambhala Meditation in San Francisco

by Natalie Grigson By the time we arrived at the Shambhala Meditation Center, the double doors were locked, a thin sliver of light peeking through from within. My roommate knocked and while we waited and waited, I wondered if no one answered, should I just take a photo of the door and write about our journey … Continue