No Shortage of Light

COLUMN: Youth and Family Celebrating Children’s Day by Leslie Gossett and Richard Vogler, Northern California photos by Leslie Gossett “People of Shambhala, this is a wonderful day. We have rediscovered the indestructible goodness of life. Let us celebrate this goodness now, on this very day. Even if the days are short, we can have enormous … Continue 

Closed For Thanksgiving Holiday

The San Francisco Shambhala Center will be closed for the Thanksgiving Holiday, so there will be no lunchtime meditation or Young Meditator’s Night on Thursday, November 28th. All classes have been scheduled around this date as well. Please join us for Sunday Morning Sit and Family Mediation on December 1st. Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

Sit-A-Thon — Some Wonderful News!

I have something to share with you… You see, we just had our most successful fundraiser ever–by a long shot. Last Saturday, November 9th, a group of us gathered in the Meditation Hall for Sitting For Society, and we have to date raised over 85% of our $50K goal, or $42,392. We are blown away … Continue 

Accountability | By Acharya Fleet Maull

Certified Public Accountants (CPA’s) are all about accountability, right? Well,  here I use CPA as something different. In this model, the C stands for Caused it (or created it). Looking into ourselves, and looking deeper into our story, we are able to see if there is someway we caused it, created it or at least … Continue 

How Do You Do Peace?

A wonderful video comprised of excerpts from various public talks by Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche during 2013.   Imagining Peace with Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche

Spark. Radiate.

News from the Ziji Collective The San Fransisco Shambhala Center is filled with people whose eyes are all sparkling. They are eager to meet each other, eager to talk, excited to see dear familiar faces. Jazz plays softly in the background, and there is a feeling of curiosity as people sip their wine and munch on … Continue 

Institute for Compassionate Leadership | Lodro Rinzler

Chelsea Nenni recently sat down with Shambhala sangha member and teacher Lodro Rinzler to discuss his most recent venture, the Institute for Compassionate Leadership. Primarily targeting the millennial generation, it is the only leadership institute to combine executive coaching, mentorship, and job placement under one umbrella. As it is based partly in Shambhala principles, Chelsea teased out how this … Continue 

The Playground of the Warriors

Of the many kinds of sacred spaces that one finds in contemporary America, children’s playgrounds remain the most robust. And within the Bay Area, the high temple of them all must surely be the Helen Diller Playground at Dolores Park. Spending an hour enshrined there on a quintessential Bay Area afternoon–low 70s, light breeze, cloudless … Continue 

A Bow | By Acharya Fleet Maull

It’s a very simple human gesture to take a good posture and offer a bow to each other.  As we take the posture, in the same way we are working with the meditation, we are taking our seat with good head and shoulders. We are gathering our mind, gathering our energy in one place, connecting … Continue 

The Power of Ceremony

…[T]hrough our view, contemplation, and activity, every day we are transforming commonly held internal principles into an external social reality…. The power of ceremony is that through the rituals of our day, we understand who we are. ~ Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, from The Shambhala Principle We spend plenty of time thinking about creating culture, and every … Continue