A Letter from Kwong-roshi to the Northern California Shambhala Community

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Letter from Kwont-roshi

Dear Shambhala Sangha,

We want to extend ourselves in a moment of deep sadness and loneliness for the Shambhala community. During this very difficult process, we welcome all of you to take refuge at Sonoma Mountain Zen Center as a place for inner reflection and spiritual healing.

We thank and support the survivors of sexual abuse for bringing these problems to light. There is a history of sexual misconduct in Buddhism in the West. Seeing and naming these problems is how we begin to work with the healing process. The survivors have given us the opportunity to face our karma as the third generation of the Buddhadharma. Their bravery serves not only the Shambhala community, but all Western Buddhists, as well as humanity itself.

We will also write a letter to the Sakyong in support of his admission and remorse.We know that a full admission of abuses and sincere rehabilitation are necessary for the healing process. Although this process will be long and difficult, the Dharma remains a practice-applying wisdom, openness, compassion, and accountability, which are necessary for reconciliation and healing. Responses to misconduct in other lineages have taught us that these steps can salvage a lineage and its teachings. What is bad dharma can be good dharma.

We trust that this may be an opening of something greater than we can imagine. The Dharma is greater than we think! In Heaven’s Rain of Wisdom, all the raindrops thunderously fall only on one spot.

The Essence of ONE BOW,

Jakusho Kwong-roshi, Abbot
Nyoze Kwong, Vice Abbot
Sonoma Mountain Zen Center



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