Important Happenings at SF Shambhala

The Move is Underway!

And we have begun transitioning spaces to the upstairs. Construction is scheduled to begin June 1st, and continue through the end of the month. We hope to be in our new, upstairs space at the beginning of July.

We have formed teams to help with culling, moving and storage, including:

•  Staging Team
•  Book Team
•  Kitchen Team
•  Art Team
•  Furniture Team (muscles required)
•  Flooring and Painting Team (skills required)

We need your help!
If you are able to offer assistance in any way, please contact Brooke, our Deputy Director: deputydirector [at] sfshambhala [dot] org.

Also, beginning the first week in June, Tuesday Night Open House will be joining Wednesday Dharma Night, (on Wednesday evenings) going forward. This is a way to bring our community together on one evening, and rouse our collective energy.

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