End of Year Giving—Letter from our Director

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Dear friends of San Francisco Shambhala,

As we approach the end of 2015, we at the Shambhala Center wanted to reach out and connect with
you personally—to thank you for your support of our Center and community, share a little taste of what
we’ve been up to, and let you know how you can continue to support this beautiful space and its activity.
Every week, Shambhala offers the people of San Francisco five open houses with meditation
instruction, and every month, dozens of new students have their first experience of the practice of meditation
from sitting with our community. Throughout the year, we hold programs to introduce people to profound
practices of meditation and go deep into retreat. In the past year, we’ve been able to offer rich teachings for
advanced students from some of the Shambhala world’s most treasured teachers, like Acharya Christie
Cashman and Acharya John Rockwell. We’ve also been blessed to hold inspired teachings from teachers in
our region, like an introductory Shambhala Training Level One with Acharya Alan Schwartz, and Acharya
Melissa Moore’s innovative weekday class on our lineage figure, Yeshe Tsogyal, and the feminine principle in

I love to see new people coming in our doors, and getting to know many of them as they become
members and enrich our community. Above all, this is what the Shambhala Center is—a welcoming
community of kindness that strives to support its members in the path of meditation and in creating a good
human society.

Sharchen Dzong, our home in downtown San Francisco, is precious to us, and it takes a lot to keep it
going—a lot of time, energy, and money from generous people like you. Many people know how expensive
space is in the city of San Francisco right now, and, in fact, it will soon become more expensive for us to rent
our current location. Because of this, we are reaching out for support from our greater community. Your taxdeductible
donation will help us continue to be a quiet, sane space in the midst of this fast city, continue to
grow and support new people on the path of meditation, and ultimately be sustainable by realizing the
aspiration of many of our members—to one day own our own space in the city.

We are trying to raise $20,000 in our end-of-year fundraising efforts, and we’ve already raised $6,000.
That means that if everyone receiving this letter gives $20, we will more than cover our goal. We know that
many people can afford to give more than this, and many people can give less. I encourage you to think about
the impact that the practice of meditation and the teachings of Shambhala has had on your life—sit with this
for a moment, and consider your gift. Know that as your gift supports Shambhala in San Francisco, it also
supports the NorCal region, Shambhala International, and the activity of the Sakyong on the West Coast and

Thank you in advance for your gift and your practice. With appreciation,
Alex Van Gils
Center Director

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