A Message From Charity

Charity and HopeDear precious friends, family, sangha, and community from all the corners of my life,

I’ve been wanting to give you an update and it has taken me some days to find my voice. So here it is:

I left Stanford hospital on Sunday and have been home since then. I was there for 4 days. The transition was strange and difficult, but day by day I feel more present in my world, and stronger. I am adjusting to slowing down, reduced mobility and not having WIND, breath…The lungs are so deeply personal and inner, and vital…As I get stronger, I feel more the fragility and vulnerability and tenderness of this time .

The lower and middle lobes of my right lung were taken with the surgery, so this will be a time of resting, building strength, and healing. I am up and around, walking slowly, and dealing well with the pain with medication. Right now I am sitting in the sun in the little park near my house in the Mission, watching the children play.,

There are so many blessings in this time: Yesterday I got the final pathology report on the tumor and it couldn’t be better news. It is a well differentiated early stage neuroendocrine (carcinoid) tumor… the cancer has not spread, and I will most likely not need further treatment, except to be watched closely for the next several years. !!! So that is amazing news indeed and I am so happy I can share it with all of you so quickly.

The other blessing, most precious blessing of all, is to receive and absorb all the love, support, generosity, and kindness you have shown me. I am still taking in the reality of that. It is a practice for me, one that I know I will be breathing in and returning to for many years to come.

Thank you.

This experience of being so held and loved and cared for is a blessed life changer for me, it is humbling and asks for me see the world and my place in it with new eyes.

I would like to especially acknowledge my twin sister Hope, who helped me in so many ways. She helped me negotiate my insurance at the beginning of this ordeal, and found me the most amazing
pulmonologist at Stanford, Dr. Arthur Sung. What a blessing to work with such a smart, communicative doctor, who shepherded me through all the diagnostic waters of this journey.

Hope also took time out of her busy life to come to S.F. and care for me, nourishing me with the most amazing chicken bone broth, and other culinary marvels. I am so thankful for her love and care.

The other person I would like to thank is my dear dharma brother Peter Dobbin who has been unflagging in his care and devotion to me since early April. He appointed himself my health advocate, he picked me up, drove me, and sat with me for every single doctor’s appointment, and has been the most amazing example of selfless generosity I have ever experienced. His  humor and caustic wit have helped me see the humor in all of life’s absurdities and challenges. It was actually FUN going through this with Peter at my side.

Hope and Peter  also put together the fundraising site, which opened a portal of financial support and love for me from all the corners of my life. What an incredible gift.

I am also thankful for the amazing care I received at Stanford Medical Center, my surgeon Dr. Joseph Shrager and his team and the great nursing staff at the hospital.

So thank you all…and please accept my love, genuine heart and gratitude.


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