Charity Is Up and About!

Charity in the hospitalIn less than 24 hours after surgery, Charity is up and walking.

This photo was taken yesterday during Charity’s third walk of the day. She looks good, has energy, and can’t wait to leave the hospital. If all goes well, she may be coming home this Sunday.

Kudos to her spirit and the amazing skill and compassion of the doctors, nurses and staff of Stanford Medical Center.

And special thanks to the generosity and love of the Shambhala community who continue to show so much love and support.

And as a follow-up to our prior post, the fundraising effort for Charity has exceeded its goal! If you want to read her messages, or check the updates, you can visit the site here.

This is what her sister, Hope, posted yesterday:
Charity is out of surgery and everything went well.  Two of the three lobes of her right lung were removed, as expected.

The lymph nodes next to the tumor were tested and are clear of cancer. Hooray!!! We’ll know the whole picture in ten days or so when all tests and analyses are complete. For now  Charity is groggy and resting and sitting up. She just ate an omelet, the first food she had in 35 hours.


10 thoughts on “Charity Is Up and About!

  1. Please convey my best wishes and love to Charity. I had no idea she was ill until now. It is my hope (if I am allowed to use that word with a fellow-Buddhist) that her recovery is swift and as painless as possible, and that she is back doing her valuable work with the community very soon.

  2. What wonderful news! Thank you Hope and Kathryn for keeping us posted on Charity’s progress. Sending most auspicious wishes for healing and health on this very auspicious day. Thinking of Charity with love and gratitude!

  3. Charity, dearest you look better than ever!
    Wow, I was kind of worried to look at this picture, but to my surprise, you look so lovely and beautiful after the surgery!!!
    I guess so many things are hand in hand and working for your health and your bravery and your sister next to you and all of us that love you dearly! It means so much to hear from you and recovery. Thank you for letting us know how you are doing.
    big hugs

  4. Wow ! Recovery is underway ! great photo. Charity,you appear to be glowing. Please take it slow. No hurry. Be gentle to your precious self.

  5. Charity, you look darn good. So glad you are doing well. Cheers to you. Off to India soon, and will look forward to getting in touch when I return in late July. oooxxx

  6. Dear Charity,
    You do look so beautiful in this photo! It’s great to see your radiant face. Sending you so much love,

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