Generosity For Charity Martin

Charity and Hope Martin

A Message From Charity’s Sister, Hope Martin.

Dear Friends and Family,

Most of you know (but many of you don’t) that my dear twin sister Charity was diagnosed with lung cancer. It’s been quite a journey since the three-and-a-half centimeter mass was found in her right lung on April 3rd. We now know it’s a carcinoid tumor with a good prognosis. This kind of malignancy is slow growing, doesn’t respond to chemo or radiation and doesn’t tend to metastasize. They’ll know more about it when they go in to remove it.

Charity’s surgery is scheduled for June 11th. It’s a major surgery – they’ll have to spread her ribs to get access –  that entails a minimum 5 day hospital stay and at least a two month recovery. The surgeon says that most likely he will need to remove two lobes (out of three) of her right lung.

We are obviously reeling from the news, but also grateful that she has the kind of malignancy she has, where the surgeon is using the word “cure”.

Charity will need support to get through this. It goes without saying that support comes in all sorts of ways. I will go to S.F. to be with her during her surgery and to care for her for most of June.  Monetary support is also needed and welcome. Charity will not be able to work for some months, and we all know that time-lines for recovery are notoriously underestimated. We created a fund for Charity. For those of you who are so inclined to help in this way,  any donation, large or small,  will go toward sustaining her during this time.

Thank you so much for your help. Your generosity will make a tremendous difference.

Much love, Hope Martin

ये धर्मा हेतु प्रभवा हेतुं
तेषां तथागतः ह्यवदत्
तेषां च यो निरोध
एवं वादी महाश्रमण

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