Good News—Sunday Parking Meter Changes Coming

Starting July 6, 2014 on-street meters and off-street parking meters will no longer require payment on Sundays, except meters on SF Port property. Exceptions to this change in policy are areas where meters operated on Sundays prior to the addition of Sunday operating hours in January 2013. This includes: Port of San Francisco jurisdiction meters … Continue 

Mindfulness & The City: A Wilderness Lover’s Guide To Survival.

By Olivia Moschettion. This article was originally posted in Elephant Journal on May 11, 2014. I spent a major chunk of my summer hiking along the Pacific Crest Trail where mindfulness was practically forced out of me at every turn. In the wilderness it’s hard not to notice the present moment: the beautiful lakes, the … Continue 

A Message From Charity

Dear precious friends, family, sangha, and community from all the corners of my life, I’ve been wanting to give you an update and it has taken me some days to find my voice. So here it is: I left Stanford hospital on Sunday and have been home since then. I was there for 4 days. … Continue 

Charity Is Up and About!

In less than 24 hours after surgery, Charity is up and walking. This photo was taken yesterday during Charity’s third walk of the day. She looks good, has energy, and can’t wait to leave the hospital. If all goes well, she may be coming home this Sunday. Kudos to her spirit and the amazing skill … Continue 

Practice For Charity Martin

On Wednesday, June 11th, the San Francisco Sangha invites the entire Shambhala community to practice for our beloved friend, teacher, and community member, Charity Martin. Charity will be undergoing surgery Wednesday morning, and she has requested that we all practice, especially tonglen, on her behalf. The San Francisco Center will hold practice from 9 AM … Continue 

Generosity For Charity Martin

A Message From Charity’s Sister, Hope Martin. Dear Friends and Family, Most of you know (but many of you don’t) that my dear twin sister Charity was diagnosed with lung cancer. It’s been quite a journey since the three-and-a-half centimeter mass was found in her right lung on April 3rd. We now know it’s a … Continue