Fully Funded Summer Dathün for Educators

Stupa SMCIf you are an educator for K-12th graders or enrolled in a master’s degree program in education, you may be eligible for a fully funded summer dathün at Karmê Chöling (Vermont) or Shambhala Mountain Center (Colorado).

A dathün is a month-long sitting meditation retreat that is offered at Shambhala land centers. Locally, we sometimes offer weekthüns, the week-long version. See this article by Leslie Gossett for a personal description of this Winter’s weekthün.

Hemera – a philanthropic organization dedicated to introducing secular contemplative views and practices into mainstream society, focusing on education, women and children, and the arts – is partnering with retreat centers across the country to provide fully-funded residential meditation retreats this summer.

Please spread the word to anyone this might benefit.

Three cheers for Hemera!!!
Deadline for application submission is March 21st
Visit the Hemera Foundation Website

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