Sit-A-Thon — Some Wonderful News!

gone sittinI have something to share with you…
You see, we just had our most successful fundraiser ever–by a long shot. Last Saturday, November 9th, a group of us gathered in the Meditation Hall for Sitting For Society, and we have to date raised over 85% of our $50K goal, or $42,392. We are blown away by everyone’s generosity, tenacity, and loving support.

Now the good news…
We just received an email that an anonymous donor is making a matching grant for every dollar we raise between now and our official closing on November 20th (only five days from today). Here is the message:

SF is just $8,000 away from its $50,000 goal. So let’s all help them reach it !! For my part, I’ll match all gifts dollar for dollar from today through Nov. 20. The lungta that this amazing fundraiser has created sends a powerful message of confidence to Centers everywhere, so let’s go the last step together and give generously to help support our Regional Dzong.

Please consider making a donation of any amount. If we come together for this final push, we are guaranteeing the financial health of our center, and setting a precedent for all Shambhala Centers, worldwide.

You can visit our fundraising website:, click on “Sponsor a Sitter”, and pick a participant, or make a donation to the general fund. 

May your generosity come back to you one thousand fold!

And I hope everyone will be joining us for our Sit-A-Thon Celebration next Wednesday, November 20th at Dharma Night.

With increased confidence in Basic Goodness,
Kathryn Rile
Programs Director

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