The Six Objectives for 2014

Mahakala Shrine

Mahakala Shrine

The following are six major objectives for the SF Shambhala Center for 2014.  They are all based on directives from the Sakyong and further developed by the SF Shambhala Governing Council.

1. Personal Transformation
Personal transformation in Shambhala is the individual courage, kindness and wisdom developed through the path of meditation as expressed in the Way of Shambhala Curriculum, the Shambhala Vow to realize primordial goodness, and the Enlightened Society Vow to create good human society. Although all of our courses and training are ultimately for the purpose of social transformation, it all begins with individual training and reflection.

2. Creating a Cultural Center
Although teachings and personal practice are essential, the fruition of the Shambhala teachings is a culture of profound kindness. By combining essential elements of community like food and conversation with the confidence of meditation we can create a center that tangibly expresses the warmth, wisdom and confidence of humanity’s true nature. Therefore this year we will continue to experiment with community events like salons, arts and musical events and other ways to gather for food, conversation and meditation.

3. Social Transformation
The ultimate goal of the Shambhala teachings is social transformation: that through personal practice and community support we can help overcome agression, poverty and environmental degradation in this world.  How can we base our most powerful social institutions on principles of non-agression and respect towards the inherent goodness and wisdom of humanity?

We will continue to explore this as a community through the Sakyong’s latest book, “The Shambhala Principle” as well as local and regional events such as the “Follow Your Inspiration Day” series and the Sakyong’s next visit with Acharya Pema Chodron in May 2014.  We will also find ways to support the developing Affinitiy Circles created by Shambhala International, and reach out to fellow institutions and leaders in San Francisco with compatible principles.

4. Mentoring and Organizational Structure
As emphasized this Summer in our Shambhala Leadership Gatherings, mentoring is an essential element of lineage and community so that as students and leaders we immediately share and pass on our experience, wisdom and insights to our fellow warriors.  This creates a continuity of social stength that goes beyond the individual.  In this light this year we will emphasize mentoring through our newly formed Executive Team, our ongoing Creating Enlightened Society Internship Program, and the continual development of the Governing Council.

5. Vision and Development
In order to help fully manifest the Sakyong’s Vision for Sharchen Dzong as Shambhala’s West Coast Capital Center, the San Francisco and Regional Shambhala Governing Councils have empowered a Sharchen Dzong Vision and Development Committee.  The committee will be responsible for ongoing community visioning and the long term development of Sharchen Dzong, exploring key issues like the regional scope of Sharchen Dzong and the eventual purchase of our own building.

6. Financial Stability
A major goal for this coming year is financial stability, for although our center is growing in membership and scope, we have been continually losing money these past three years due to our high rent . Although our membership dues have been increasing, our current model is dependent on program income, which has been relatively low due to our generosity policy, membership discounts and increasing regional programming.  Therefore this year we will emphasize membership development, program publicity, and ongoing fundraising like the new “Sitting for Society” Sit-A-Thon Fundraiser to bridge our monthly operational deficit. Already in August we raised $6,000 with our Garage Sale Fundraiser thanks to the tremendous support of our community.

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