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Fearless Creativity: A Meditation Retreat For Writers

with Susan Piver
Five Thursday Evenings
May 22nd— May 24th

Three full days of writing retreat with best-selling author, Susan Piver.
Writing connects us to the undercurrents of wisdom that lie just below the surface of discursive thought. It puts us in touch with timely insights, concerns, ideas and our natural wakefulness. If you want to know your thoughts and feelings, writing can tell you. If you want to share yourself with others, writing can be your vehicle. And if you long for creative self-expression, writing can give it form.

In this program, we will deepen our relationship with the written word through meditation practice, journaling, group discussion and plenty of personal writing time. We will also discuss how to make writing a daily practice, how to approach the fears every writer experiences and more.

Writers of all genres, published or unpublished, are welcome. Introductory meditation instruction will be offered.


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Leadership, Diversity and Cultural Humility in Shambhala

With Shastri Charlene Leung & Robert Pressnall
Saturday, May 2nd

A day-long leadership training in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition.

The Bay Area is known for its richness and diversity. Human diversity—from talents and ideas to social characteristics and spectrums of gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, class, physical/mental ability status—locates the Bay Area on the cutting edge of creativity and innovation. Our natural make-up of diverse peoples and geography make this a fertile ground for exploring the potential of enlightened society and leadership.

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