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The Heart of Being with Children

with Leslie Gossett

Saturday and Sunday
October 1st and 2nd

Do you want deeper, more genuine connections with the children in your life?

Join us on this exploration of our relationships with children, childhood, and ourselves. Seeing clearly the stories we tell, the fears we perpetuate, and the expectations that prevent us from true connection, we can learn to appreciate the wisdom and joy of children. We will explore the arc of self to other using meditation, dialogue, discussion, and experiential exercises.

This class is appropriate for anyone with children in their lives: parents, teachers, educators, therapists, medical professionals, childcare providers, neighbors, etc.

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IMMERSION: Ikebana Summer Workshops

with Alice Tarkeshi

ikebana workshops

In this series, we find ourselves in open environments finding objects and finding ourselves. In open elemental environments, we start to feel the relaxing of boundary that frees our spirit and creativity.

Based on the principles of the ancient and modern art of Ikebana, and taken all the way to the edge and vanguard of the world we live in today, these workshops are meant to expand the view and practice of self expression both spontaneous and mindful.

Join us with beginner’s mind and cameras. All are welcome, no previous experience is necessary.

Upcoming Dates
Sunday, August 21st
Saturday, September 17th



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