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•   Wednesday Dharma Night
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Sitting For Society 2014
Success! We have reached 80% of our goal, and funds are still coming in.

You can still sponsor a sitter or sign up to become an event sponsor. Help us meet our goal of $20,000!

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A Special Thanks to Our Sit-a-Thon Sponsor



Children’s Day

Saturday, December 20th
From 3:00 to 7:00 PM

A magical celebration of brilliance, light, and the children in our lives.

Celebrating the winter solstice has its roots in many cultures. The Shambhala community has drawn on traditional images associated with this time of year to create a distinctive and rich festival—a special opportunity to express appreciation for, and with, our children. As the days grow darker, we turn to family for celebration, creativity, and generosity.

Adults will have time to meditate while the children are lead in activities. After, we will gather to decorate the Shrine, be hosted at the court of the Children’s Day King and Queen, and enjoy a lively potluck celebration!